The Process

With the changing dynamics of the market, understanding our clients' needs is first and foremost in the entire recruitment process. With over 75 years of experience this enables us to provide valuable input at each phase of the search process, beginning with the identification and refinement of a client's strategic objective.

1. Assess Client Needs

  • Analyze challenges unique to organization’s culture and the management style required – customize process to fit client needs
  • Work with client to determine the skills, knowledge and abilities required of the position
  • Agree upon the search parameters that will drive the assignment process

2. Develop Tailored Search Blueprint

  • Outline critical needs tailored to unique situation
  • Prepare customized position and candidate specification
  • Include behavioral descriptions of required competencies and personal qualities

3. Identify Target Companies

  • Develop lists of organizations to serve as likely sources of candidates
  • Extensive information on executives and companies available on the Firm's proprietary database
  • Listed organizations are of relevant size, have clear records of accomplishment, industry leadership characteristics and other qualities relevant to the position

4. Screen and Evaluate Prospects

  • Speak to third-party sources to identify and qualify candidate prospects prior to contacting them – utilizing personal contacts, research and our office network
  • Conduct competency-based interviews with qualified and interested candidates
  • Conduct preliminary reference checks to validate candidates’ past performance, verify credentials and assess individual strengths and weaknesses

5. Present Candidates

  • Based on in-depth written analysis and appraisal against the specification and cultural expectations, present most qualified slate of candidates
  • Client documentation includes biographical data, summary of business experience, how he/she measures against required competencies, potential recruitment issues and our recommendation
  • Validate candidates against requirement competencies through extensive referencing, including third party sources

6. Complete the Search

  • Work with client and final candidate to negotiate a compensation package agreeable to all
  • Help both parties continue building early rapport
  • Act as strategic advisors, offering candid and balanced points of view on how to complete the search

7. Post-Search Follow Up

  • Regularly communicate with the client and the placement during early stages of transition
  • Work with both parties to ensure smooth integration into new job environment
  • Success defined in terms of long-term client impact, not assignment close