Olmstead, Lynch & Curtis, a retainer-only, boutique executive search firm, was co-founded in Atlanta in 1980 by George Olmstead. The firm provides high quality executive search services to clients in the Southeast and elsewhere. The initial search conducted was for the President of a Division of a diversified commercial real estate firm located in Atlanta which remains a long suit of the Firm. Other assignments took the firm into manufacturing, consumer products, healthcare, telecommunications, financial services and investment firms and many other industries. Functional areas include sales and marketing, finance, development, operations, general management, and IT.

Since its inception, the Firm has successfully completed more than 1,000 assignments including landing over 300 officer-level winning candidates in 32 states. More than 100 of those searches constituted “C” level assignments including 37 CEO's/President’s, 33 CFO's and a variety of other senior officers in that category including COO's, CMO's, CHROs, ClO's and others. The Firm is one of the most active search firms, having conducted searches for 43 companies in the Fortune 500. The firm has demonstrated equal success when it comes to small to mid-level private or public organizations.

The Firm throughout its history has opened offices around the country to meet the demands of is clients. The headquarters has remained in Atlanta as it has since its inception, and the firm maintains offices in Chicago and South Florida. The Firm's principal goal is to ensure that searches are conducted in a timely and efficient manner while delivering high quality candidates that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. While the firm offers a one year guarantee on executive searches, its mandate is to conduct the search right on the front end. Our retention rate is in excess of 98%.

Over the years, the Firm has taken great pride in attracting top flight partners and associates to the firm to help it conduct unsurpassed searches. Current and former professionals include a senior HR executive with a multi-national food manufacturer, a Wall Street veteran, a Harvard-trained lawyer and MBA, a banking executive, and global chief learning officer. Our best people are trained and experienced to find your best people.

Today the Firm capitalizes on all this history to serve our clients throughout the US. We go where you are to meet your needs, whether it be at the Director level or the Board of Director level. We understand the process intimately and collaborate with our clients to deliver an exceptional experience. We recruit for cultural fit as much as we do educational attainments and skill level. We persevere until the assignment is complete to our clients’ satisfaction.